Mbunya Francis Nkemnyi May 23, 2017 Comments

Building Hope for Capacity in Conservation through International Collaborations; The Earth Optimism Summit.

We are making this change happen, we are building hope for a better earth. Given the gravity of the crisis facing nature, there has been enough reason to give up. Yet RCESD, in combined efforts with other nature conservation organizations around the world are winning the fight to keep Mother Nature protected, or at least, sustainably exploited. Deforestation is slowing down considerably; species that were once feared would quickly get extinct now have hope to see the next century or two.

RCESD’s effort to improve capacity in Conservation practices is exercised as the organization was represented in the Earth Optimism Summit in London by the executive director, Mr. Mbuya Francis. The Earth Optimism summit took place on the 20th-22nd of April, 2017 in London. The aim of this summit was to reframe conservation movement by celebrating positive thinking in conservation, and putting forward a road map for change towards an optimistic and forward-thinking future.

“Several great conservationists were present at the conference, with innovative ideas on how everyone can contribute to conservation in their day to day practices by, buying smart, eating smart, and smart use of electrical appliances”, explained the executive director in a one on one. He went further; “during the conference; “I gave a talk on RCESD’s strategy to foster sustainable conservation practices. RCESD uses the participatory approach, i.e carrying out conservation through the lens of the local people where people are brought on board and they suggest what to do and we only reinforce their ideas.”

There is therefore a reason to be optimistic towards conservation with the acquisition of innovative skills, knowledge and partnerships which would help everyone discover how to become more involved in the fight to protect the natural world.

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” Gary Snyder

By Ada Acobta

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