RCESD offers volunteering opportunities to individuals who are interested in engaging in any aspect related to the programs we offer. We are open to work with volunteers to have developed a suitable plan that will enable them optimize their stay during the period they choose to carry out their voluntary service.

Conditions for Volunteerism

  • Be above 18 years of age
  • Can write and speak either English or French language

Once accepted for a volunteer position, the organization will assist the volunteer in facilitating all necessary documents for their stay in Cameroon (visa, invitation letter and other logistics). Except otherwise agreed by both parties, all volunteers are responsible for their travel and related field expenses during their stay in the country.  RCESD could assist at no cost in facilitating pre-field services/arrangements (airport picks up, hotel/accommodation reservation) before the volunteer arrival in Cameroon.

Interested volunteers should send a motivation letter through our Email address or contact us using any of our contact.


Volunteering programs are open to young people who have experience and skills on how the professional world operates, but wish to gain more experience and expertise in the non-profit world. The volunteerism program is more of a knowledge exchange set-up between the volunteer and the our organization This program is also designed to run for 6 month.