Climate Change and Environmental Health

Waste-disposal.jpgThe Climate Change and Environmental Health (CCEH) research group advocate that climate change and environmental health are closely related and should be tackle together.

Climate change interventions and adaptive capacity are major challenges that need to be addressed in the current debates. Current mitigating majors reflect and established clear linkages between climate change and environmental health.

RCESD has been able to successfully carry out a research on climate change and health in some areas in the south Region of Cameroon. This research was aimed at getting the local people’s perception on the impact of the changing climate on their. Results showed that the local communities are aware the climate is changing and could define climate change in the way in which it affects of them. Many recon that, new/ strange diseases are surfacing as of result of the climate change and there is therefore the need for adaptive and mitigation strategies to remedy the situation.

Focus group discussion with community members

The department has been able to organize an awareness raising programs for the staff commemorating the international day of climate action. At the end of the round table conference, participants were grouped into small teams, where they had to develop strategies and actions that could contribute to the fight against climate change with focus on local challenges. The Staff team united together at the end of the round table conference, to synchronize the strategies and actions developed in into an action plan. Some of the actions arrived, at included; the waste management actions, awareness on local perceptions on climate change, advocacy for stronger