Mbunya Francis Nkemnyi January 15, 2021


The resource Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development (RCESD) seeks motivated, well organised and reliable individuals willing to fill an internship position under the following research themes:

  1. Environmental Communication
  2. Environmental policy
  3. Conservation biology
  4. Land use planning using GIS
  5. Environmental Health
  6. Food and agriculture
  7. Socio-economic development
  8. Micro finance
  9. Climate change

Responsibilities may include:

Working closely with experts to develop and execute field research and other related assignments

Learning how to organise, plan and run effective outreach programs

Learning how to write scientific publication

Learning how to develop fundraising proposals

Building relationships in and out of the organisation


Exclusively designed for graduate students with a professional or Bachelor’s degree in either of the fields listed above.

Strong working ethics

Strong commitment for getting good results

Strong leadership skills

Strong passion for making a good social and environmental change

Ready to engage in long field stay in remote areas

Submission Info:

Interested candidates should email or deposit a cover letter, a resume and other related documents at RCESD head office. Candidates who fail to submit the required documents will be ineligible for the position. Submissions should be address to the Executive Director, RCESD.

Office location: Faith Bilingual academy junction, Chief Street, Bomaka, Buea

Tel: (+237) 33 82 29 52, 77 28 08 18, 90 81 57 85Emailinfo@rcesdcam.org

Salary Range: Unpaid

Internship status: Full-time, Term (minimum duration: 6 months)

Application deadline: Friday, October 31, 2014

The projected starting date for the various positions is the 10th of November 2014. Interviews will be conducted between the 3rd and 7th of November. For more information about RCESD, visit www.rcesdcam.org

About RCESD:

RCESD carries out interdisciplinary research projects and policy engagement activities, bringing social and natural scientists together. We work in and across the areas of capacity building, environment and development, governance and development, socio-economic development, food and agriculture, education and development, integrated water resource management, environmental health and environment and climate change. We aim at generating new thinking and practical solutions. Our work looks at how environmental integrity and social justice can be achieved in a dynamic and complex globe that we find ourselves in.



Human Resource Team, RCESD