Mbunya Francis Nkemnyi January 15, 2021

The “One less Plastic Bottle” Campaign hits the streets of Buea

The massive disposal of plastic waste, especially plastic bottles along the roadsides and quarters is overwhelming and has contributed to clogging our water ways and even damaging our natural environment. RCESD thus started a “one less plastic campaign to widen the impact of reducing plastic bottles in the streets of Buea municipality with the intention of transporting the sorted plastic bottle waste to a recycling company.

The RCESD team chose certain days within the week, went out to the streets and picked up littered plastic bottles to that effect. RCESD team carried out the One less plastic clean up campaign along the Ndongo river at check point, inside the Mile 17 motor park and the mile 17 environ. During the clean-up, sensitization was also carried out, raising awareness on the impact of improperly disposed plastics on the environment and human health and the benefits of recycling. It was realized during sensitization that over 70 percent of people were willing to practice sorting of waste and even recycling if the facilities were put in place.These plastic bottles were collected and taken to NAMe recycling to be recycled.

RCESD has just taken one step, there are many more steps to go in ensuring zero plastic litter on our streets. Everyone is encouraged to take that one step in reducing plastic litter on our streets. You can start by sorting, reusing, and donating for recycling.

Emmanuel Ebai- Environmental Education